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Calling All Nonprofit Leaders and Grant Writers!

Learn Grant Writing Skills and Become Empowered!

Are you striving to secure essential funding for your nonprofit but find yourself struggling with limited resources and overwhelming expectations?

Discover the Power of Effective Grant Writing!

With shrinking budgets and increasing demands, nonprofits often find themselves in a financial bind. Imagine being able to create impactful programs, acquire state-of-the-art technology, and offer unique services without constantly worrying about funding.

Did you know? Many nonprofit leaders and grant writers spend countless hours crafting proposals, only to face rejection due to lack of training and expertise.

Get Empowered and Energized!

Learn the skills needed to become an award-winning grant writer and watch your nonprofit thrive:

  • Unlock New Funding Opportunities: Secure more money for essential programs, innovative projects, and cutting-edge technology.
  • Create Lasting Impact: Offer unique services and experiences that energize your team and motivate your beneficiaries.
  • Lead with Confidence: Become the envy of your peers as you master the art of grant writing and drive your organization’s success.
  • Enhance Your Skills: Integrate essential grant writing techniques into your workflow, ensuring continued success and growth.

Join thousands of nonprofit leaders who have transformed their organizations with our proven strategies.

About Dr. Toni Rockis

Dr. Toni Rockis is a successful grant writer, educator, author, public speaker, coach, and business owner. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education/Special Education and a M.S. in Special Education/Educational Administration from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and a Ph.D. in Education/Educational Administration from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Toni’s grant writing and professional teaching career spans four decades. She has authored and administered more than $72M in grants for schools and professional organizations. These grants helped bring new programs, updated technology, and educational supplies into hundreds of classrooms. She has taught in Illinois public schools, worked at the Illinois State Board of Education, and served for twenty-three years as a Professor of Education at Illinois State University.

She is President/CEO of Granted, Inc., founded in 2012 to provide exceptional educational consulting and award-winning grant writing services for K-16 schools and other nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.  Leveraging her decades of experience, Dr. Rockis created the School Grants Made Easy online training program. After completing this program, K-12 teachers have the skills to seek and acquire grant money for their classrooms.

She is also President/CEO of GrantMamas, Inc., founded in 2014 as a social learning company whose primary mission is to provide mothers of school-aged children with training and expertise to assist teachers in writing proposals and administering grants for their children’s schools. 

Additionally, Dr. Rockis is the Founder/CEO of the Grants Made Simple Foundation, whose mission is to create a nation where all students have what they need to learn. This foundation funds scholarships for K-12 teachers to receive the School Grants Made Easy training, which equips them to secure grant funding for critical school needs and to create sustainable funding sources for years to come!

Toni also authored Grant Writing Success: Opening the Doors to Financial Opportunity, a book covering the basics of foundation, state, and federal grant writing.  She has also written dozens of professional development publications and delivered more than one hundred seminars to educators across the nation.

With dwindling budgets and higher expectations for programs and services, schools are looking toward grants to acquire money and resources to support their activities.

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