Calling All K-12 Teachers: Learn Grant Writing Skills and Become Empowered!

Calling All K-12 Teachers: Learn Grant Writing Skills and Become Empowered!

With dwindling budgets and higher expectations for programs and services, schools are looking toward grants to acquire money and resources to support their activities. 

Did you know that K-12 public school teachers reported that they spend an average of $745 each year out of their personal finances to buy classroom supplies for their students? These teachers want to create exciting learning environments for their students, but classroom budgets often aren’t robust enough to cover the costs of even their students’ most basic educational needs.

Are you one of these teachers who wants to create learning environments that include things like updated curricula, state-of-the-art technology, or more unique learning experiences for your students, but your classroom budget just isn’t large enough?

Let's get you empowered, reenergized, and the envy of your colleagues by learning the skills needed to become an award-winning grant writer! 

This Special Report, Five Essential Habits of Successful Grant Writers, will start you on this journey by giving you critical information to use to write award-winning grant proposals so you:

  • become empowered to get more money for classroom supplies, field trips, and new technology!
  • give your students unique learning experiences that energize and motivate them!
  • become the envy of your colleagues who will all want to know what you know so they can do what you do!
  • integrate essential academic skills into your classroom in fun, creative ways to create continued, and even heightened, student success!

Let’s bring more fun and creativity into your classroom for you and your students, without you reaching deep into your pockets to pay for new and exciting learning experiences yourself!

We’ve helped 1000’s of teachers just like you implement the simple strategies in this FREE Five Essential Habits of Successful Grant Writers Special Report!

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